Industrial Tour Report

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1. Executive Summary
2. Objectives of the Study
3. Limitations of the report
4. Methodology

1. Executive Summary

BSRM Steels Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of different bars in Bangladesh and also the market leader of the steels industry. Its Head office and factory are situated in Chittagong.

BSRM’s driving force has been its ability to develop new technology combined with a technical service force in co-operation with its customers. Now production Process of BSRM is fully automated.

Realizing the fact of rapid technology development necessities, constant attention to the field of research, BSRM established well equipped manufacturing process in its factory and engaged highly qualified specialists in this work.

To optimize customer’s service BSRM establish Customer Service Department and provides necessary information with the request.

Now BSRM is producing all most every type of deformed bars as per local requirements in the hope of helping customers. Recently BSRM has taken plan to export their products in Middle East Countries.

BSRM is a leading Steel Re-rolling Company in Bangladesh and contributing in the economic development of Bangladesh by paying taxes, employing large number of general public.

2. Objectives of the Study

The basic or main purpose of report is to learn practical knowledge about business world for balancing the gap of our industrial policy in the modern job market. The main objectives of this industrial tour are pointed below:

❖ To know about the company profile;
❖ To gather practical experience about production process of BSRM Steels Limited. ❖ To know how to maintain quality of the product by a company in the real life. ❖ To know the quality assurance of product in the different level of production process. ❖ To know layout of production process of the factory. ❖ To match theoretical knowledge with the practical application ❖ To know direct and indirect costs relating to each process or department are recorded at the end of the period. ❖ To know the daily or weekly production in terms of quantities, such as, units, tons, etc, are recorded and summarized in process or departmental reports. ❖ To know the average cost per unit which is found out by dividing total cost of each process by total production. ❖ To know the product information of BSRM steels Limited. ❖ To fulfill the requirements of the BBA Program.

❖ Generate some policy implication for better success. ❖ To assess the potentiality strength and weakness of BSRM Steels Ltd.

3. Limitations of the report

Despite the diligent efforts that have been put behind the preparation of this report, we have only succeeded to skin the surface of the ocean of the subjects. The limitations are briefly pointed out below:

❖ The rate of success of the study may be limited, as we may have failed to collect proper information due to lack of our experience. ❖ Lack of adequate time also caused some constraints to my study. ❖ Some data could not be collected for their confidentiality and official secrecy. ❖ It is very difficult to discuss there marketing practices in separately. ❖ Our personal limitation also contributes greatly in making the study less perfect then desired. ❖ Non-availability of published data.

❖ Difference of theoretical & practical knowledge.
❖ Large scale study was not possible due to constraints and restrictions imposed by the organization.

In spite of the above limitation, I have tried with my all efforts to know and find out the response pattern of the subject and consultation of relevant record and documents, may have reached a fairly acceptable degree of accuracy.

4. Methodology

This industrial tour is conclusive as well as...
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