Industrial Titans

Topics: Strike action, New York City, Trade union Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: December 4, 2012
In the end America needed industrial titans like Rockefeller and Carnegie. America was a young country so it was only right that it grew in time. Form this growth came new technologies. Also in a way Americans benefited from monopolies. It helped that some industrial titans were philanthropist. The way that America was growing it needed new technologies. Industrial titans did have very corrupt ways of business but they were only filling the demands of Americans. For many reasons people need access to trains so Carnegie provided the steel that was needed. The developments of electricity lead Americans to very wide field of new technology. Without the gain of new technology America would have been lost. Even though it may have been a very corrupt way business Americans benefited from monopolies. With a monopoly in charge there was no problem with money in trying to fill demands. Also monopolies gave a lot of jobs to Americans. Some Americans even moved from the west to the city to work in factories. Some of the industrial titans provided places to live with company housing. These company towns provided almost everything that someone would need. These titans wanted to make money from Americans so they have no choice but try to please their customers. It would’ve been better for Americans not to join unions. There really was no point for Americans to join unions because management is very likely to never agree with their terms. Management could not give in cause that would make a precedent for the company that may lead to more strikes. Americans didn’t get paid that much so going on strike they got nothing which was really not helpful to their situation. Also going on strike could possibly lead to them being fired from their job. Unions were not helpful to Americans or companies so they had no useful purpose. This is why in the end America did needed industrial titans such as Rockefeller and Carnegie. America needed these businesses to work and provide for this...
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