Industrial Safety

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Total solutions for industrial safety
Safety light curtains Safety relay units Safety network systems Safety switches Emergency stop buttons General-purpose limit switches Services for machine safety

Advanced Industrial Automation

Safety sensors

Safety switches







Finger- and hand protection

Body protection

Muting application

Locking and safety switches

Special safety switches

General safety limit switches

Door monitoring

Nowadays, all responsible industries recognise the duty of care they owe their employees. Taking all possible measures to avoid accidents in the workplace is not only a moral obligation, it also makes sound financial sense. Accidents are expensive – not only in lost working days, compensation for injury and higher insurance premiums, but also in other costs less easy to quantify like disrupted production, and the costs of accident investigations and of training new personnel to replace those injured in industrial accidents. In every way, therefore, creating a safe industrial environment is a wise investment. And your choice of supplier of safety systems is an important one. Here’s where Omron can help. A major supplier of industrial automation systems, Omron has many years’ experience working closely with the world’s leading machine manufacturers and with governing bodies that define today’s international safety standards. That experience is embodied in one of the broadest ranges of safety products in the industry. All offering the highest levels of compatible with each other to provide you with total solutions for industrial safety that meet today’s

Safety networks and units

Safety Systems

4 6 8
DeviceNet Safety controller/IO-terminals

Type 4
F3SN safety light curtain F3SH multi-beam sensor

Type 2 & Type 4
F3S-TGR-SBX-KXC safety light curtains

Type 2
F3SB safety light curtain E3FS single-beam sensor


Safety relay unit
G9SX modular series

12 14

Safety networking
DeviceNet Safety

Locking and safety switches
D4NS/D4BS key switches D4NL/D4BL/D4GL guard lock switches

E-Stop application

Two-hand control

Safety networking

16 18
most demanding standards. Guaranteeing you not only maximum production efficiency and return on your investment in industrial plant, but also more contented, more motivated personnel, who are confident that their employer makes no compromises on their safety at work.

Special safety switches
D4NH safety hinge switches D4GS compact key switch

General safety limit switches
D4N plastic safety switches D4BN metal safety switches D4F metal safety switches D4NR manual reset switches

General information
The following pages give an overview of our current solutions for industrial safety. For more information on Omron’s safety products and services, please call one of the contact numbers on the back of this brochure.

20 22

Meeting safety requirements Definition of terms Omron Safety Guide


F3SN – Safety light curtain, F3SH – Multi-beam sensor

Omron’s F3SN is a Type 4 sensor that provides finger, hand, limb and body protection in areas where access to dangerous machine parts is required while systems are still operating. The F3SH is a multi-beam safety sensor that can detect a person entering a dangerous zone and automatically shut off hazardous equipment within that zone. Both of these Type 4 safety sensors are invaluable in areas where operation, maintenance and

repair work are necessary in an industrial environment. Their slim profile makes these sensors highly attractive prospects when installation space is limited. The field of operation is extensive: protection heights vary from 189 mm to 1822 mm, with a detection distance of up to 10 metres. In addition, the modular...
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