Industrial Revolution Essay

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World Civilization
Industrial Revolution Essay
5 February 2013
Changes in Society During the Industrial Revolution
During the 1800's, the Industrial Revolution spread throughout Europe causing a drastic change to European society. The Industrial Revolution had both positive and negative impacts on Europe, but many see this Revolution as a curse because of the rough situations many had to endure. Due to the poor environmental conditions, disease ran rampant, the population nearly quadrupled in size, and poor unsanitary working conditions in the factories made life unmanageable during this period. Some may argue the improved economy and technological advances proves the Industrial Revolution to be a positive time, but a more detailed look displays an overall negative standard of living brought to the European people. In the 1800's, the little knowledge concerning sanitary care caused disease to be devastating. Some diseases of the time were cholera, typhoid, and typhus. According to the History Learning Site, disease spread through rivers and sewage allowing it to come in contact with many citizens drinking water. Cholera was sudden and painful, but usually not fatal. Typhoid and typhus were just as feared because they were some of the most common diseases of the time. Typhoid was caused by infected water and typhus was carried by lice, which was not uncommon in the packed, dirty cities. However the greatest killer of the time was tuberculosis because of the way it attacked the lungs, affecting most under nourished, poorly fed citizens. One affected person could spread the disease very easily, resulting in a belief that tuberculosis killed one-third of all those who died in Britain between 1800 and 1850. The Industrial Revolution created many factory jobs, lessening the need for labor on farms. This phenomenon lead to urbanization, resulting in many overcrowded cities. The population of most cities nearly tripled in size, bringing sickness and a lack of...
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