Industrial Revolution Dbq

Topics: Racism, Human, Nordic race Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Jacob Johnstone
While it’s tempting to pay for a designer baby it is reminiscent of creating a “master race”. If people are allowed to create the perfect child, what happens to the unique qualities and diversified population? I feel that is order for the human race to survive we need a wide spectrum of genetic differences.

People with diversity can sometimes over come there diversity and use their differences as motivation. Many people where gifted with unique traits and use them as self motivation. In the movie “Gattaca” Vincent used his imperfections to drive his sprit and become an astronaut.

When Hitler was attempting to create to create the “master race” anyone who did not fit his ideal race was exterminated. It’s dangerous to have one idea of perfection. Who has the right to say what is right and what is wrong? No one should say what is perfect, because people who are not perfect might turn out to have really unique and wonderful attributes. Trying to create perfection is impossible because perfection never stops changing.

Genoism is used all throughout Vincents life. From the beginning when he was first racing into the water with his brother till the end when he was changing his identity to become an astronaut. Vincent states in the movie that “it’s illegal to discriminate ‘genoism’ its called but no one takes the law seriously.” This is in fact one of the standard criticisms of getting profiling: if we have genetic data on people, then employers or insurance companies will use that data use that data to minimize financial risk. Assuming that this will be true, would the benefits of genetic profiling still outweigh the disbenefits?
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