Industrial Revolution

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  • Published : October 28, 2008
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During the 1800’s, Europe went through great changed as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Technological advanced improved life, but problems in factories made life worse for the workers. Industrial processes impacted work, home, and city life for the workers. Common laborers working in cities were socially and economically affected in a negative way by the Industrial Revolution due to diseases that developed and poor living condition that were present, causing the working class to become even poorer.

Workers developed diseases and other disabilities because of harsh working conditions in factories. Long hours of work and low pay were responsible for the development of disease and disabilities. According to Henry Mayhew “out of the 12,800 deaths which, within the last three months, have arisen from cholera, 6,500 have occurred” in areas where factory workers resided. Diseases were more likely to develop in areas where factory workers lived because of unsanitary working and living conditions. It would have been helpful is a source from a worker who suffered from cholera had been provided. This source would have been helpful in understanding how diseases affected the workers and their families. The living conditions of workers were so poor that inhabitants had to “pass into and out of the court only by passing though the fool pools of stagnant urine and excrement” according to Friederich Engels. The bacterium that was present in the urine and excrement led to many diseases. Children in mills were often required to work over 15 hours, and children began to develop physical deformities. According to Hannah Brown, a nine year old girl “both [her] knees [were] rather turned in”. The body of a nine year old girl who was still growing, could not handle the harsh working conditions, and developed deformities. Adults such as William Dodd, who worked in factories as a child “began to feel some painful symptoms in [his] right wrist, arising from the general weakness...
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