Industrial Quality Control

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“Meeting the 2% Allowable Rejects at HA35830 Ignition Coil of Integrated Microelectronics Inc.” CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION


Integrated Microelectronics, Inc. (IMI) was established in 1980 as one of the largest equipment manufacturing company in the world. Located in Lagune, Philippines, IMI is a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation which is a Philippine based conglomerate. IMI has progressed into a company offering core manufacturing capabilities as well as higher value competencies in product design, engineering, prototyping, and supply chain management. t has manufacturing facilities in Laguna and Cebu in the Philippines, design centers in Manila, The Philippines and in Tustin, California, and a support center in Singapore. IMI is a complete vertically-integrated electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider serving some of the world's leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Its parent company is an EMS provider headquartered in the Philippines. It runs an original design manufacturing (ODM) division in Manila which provides solutions focused on shortrange wireless technologies and embedded systems.

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This study is conducted for the purpose of eliminating or if not, reduce the defective products that can be produced in the production of HA35830 Ignition Coil in the IMI company. The proponents will be using the data that they gathered when they visited the company in Laguna. Since the company is producing lots of equipments in a single day, they only focused

“Meeting the 2% Allowable Rejects at HA35830 Ignition Coil of Integrated Microelectronics Inc.” on the production of Ignition Coil for the benefit of analyzing the data accurately. When the proponents visited the company, they were assigned on the SSCG plant where it produces automotive parts, electronics and microprocessors. Automotive parts are mainly processed on the IIDA Line where it consists of different areas from component winding, front line assembly, potting, and back-line assembly up to packaging. The production runs 24 hours a day where certain issues and problems are most likely to happen. The proponent intends to focus on the company’s quality issues where they experience a total of 40,865 units of rejects on the production of ignition coil. This rejects amounts to Php1, 103,355 from the month of May to October 2010 on the IIDA Line. To further classify their rejects, the proponent has gathered data and information where their root sources are mainly caused by man, materials and their method. In the areas mentioned, they use machines that are not being set or calibrated when certain lines have its change-over-time. This happens on the potting process wherein rejects occur when the new model has been placed on the machines that has not been calibrated. In terms of their workers, since the Line is mostly man operated, rejects occur due to the workers negligence where they focus mainly on attaining their target output and disregarding the value of the products quality.

Statement of the Problem General Problem:  IMI Company produces 40,865 units of rejects on the production of ignition coil which results to Php1, 103,355 loss from the month of May to October 2010 on the IIDA Line.

“Meeting the 2% Allowable Rejects at HA35830 Ignition Coil of Integrated Microelectronics Inc.” Objectives of the Study: General Objective:  To minimize rejects in the IMI company and increase products being accepted for the benefit of the company. Specific Objectives:   To increase the work proficiency of the company. To be able to determine the reasons behind the defects being incurred in the production.  For the company to benefit when the proposal will be realized.

Significance of the Study

FOR THE COMPANY IMI Company is the first one to benefit from this study. They will be able to produce ignition coils that would give them a higher profit. The proposed methods of the study will enable the company to reach...
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