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JC’s Casino Improving Organization Retention

Angela Harris


March 12, 2013
Dr. M. Horton

JC’s Casino Improving Organization Retention

Running an effective company needs a management staff that has good communication skills and the ability to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the company as well as the employees. Companies spend time and money collecting information to assist organizations in their quest to do so. But, to have an effective enterprise, the employees incorporating higher administration should have organization as well. Companies hire impartial advisors to help them implement programs that will improve production, motivation, effective job hiring, and retention skills. Suggesting suitable modifications assists with job satisfaction and enhances worker output. For organizations like JC’s Casino a rigid strategy created through observation, staff and customer comments will assist the company to focus on undesirable behaviors from lower and upper management. Providing JC’s Casino with the information needed to keep excellent, effective dealers, and housekeepers while satisfying the needs of the clients. Improving Employment Recruitment and Retention

JC’s casino is experiencing staff and guest complaints. Dealers and housekeepers during exit interviews have indicated a number of complaints regarding pit boss Joe’s behavior and management skills are having an adverse effect on the dealers and the guests. Because of Joe’s relationship to the owner, Tom the human resource director is afraid to voice the accusations thus, allowing the treating to continue. Housekeeping is also having issues because of absenteeism and retention. Because Andrew the director of housekeeping, is not able to solve this problem the casino has had to change check out time and use employees from different departments to do extra work to cover any vacate positions. The goal to improve employment hiring and retention is achievable. The method used in this case by an industrial organizational psychiatrist will assist to improve the organization's employee hiring and retention. The issues in higher management will reduce as soon as the matter with Joe is addressed. The usage of two motivation hypotheses will provide a starting point in fixing employee hiring and retention. The use of reinforcement and self-efficacy hypotheses is good tool for fixing the issues found at JC’s casino. Hiring of new employees appears to be an issue at the casino along with the ability to retain existing employees. Utilizing the reinforcement hypothesis will assist the organization in retaining existing workers by way of an incentive system and at the same time attract new employees. Even though JC’s casino’s pay scale is similar to various other casinos, housekeeping director Keehn has problems with getting good reliable help since without new housekeepers the existing housekeepers are working longer hours to cater to the casino’s requirements. The tension of additional work is very difficult for the workers and their determination to work for the organization has decreased. “Using the self-efficacy hypothesis decides how people’s feelings regarding their own abilities may affect behavior; the inspiration to try the task refers to a person’s capabilities to accomplish the task” (Spector, 2008). Existing workers are unsatisfied, the job description for housekeepers has modified considerably, giving housekeepers additional work. While the dealers’ keenness has been impacted by the pit boss that is described in the exit interviews as harmful, overbearing, bad, and inexperienced. The usage of self-efficacy and reinforcement ideas will improve worker recruitment and increase retention. But, additional inspirational theories in tandem would make the change better for the whole company. Alleviating on-the-job Stressors

Tension on-the-job is normal in the office, directing concentration...
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