Industrial Marketing

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Industrial Marketing Management
MNM2044 Tutorial Letter 201/2010

Guidelines for answering Assignment 01 and previous examination question



Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 1 Introduction Guidelines for answering assignment 01 Previous examination question Concluding remark INTRODUCTION

You are now well on your way with your studies in the 2010 academic year. I trust that you will attempt to do assignment 03 on your own and then compare your answer to the guidelines given in Tutorial Letter 101. Merely reading our guidelines to these assignments will not help you at all in getting to know how to structure an assignment answer and in your preparation for the examination. Compare the guidelines to assignment 01 given below and make sure you understand why you have answered some question incorrectly. The lecturer for this module is Mr Danie Theron. His contact details are as follows: Office: AJH 3-11 Tel: 012 429 8303 Fax: 086 641 5164 E-mail: Please note that you should only contact the lecturer if you have academic enquiries (that is, enquires about the content of the module). The marketing department can be contacted at 012 429 8303. Administrative enquiries concerning fees, receipt of assignments, exam dates, et cetera should be directed to the relevant administrative departments via the call centre at 0861 670 411.

2 Question 1


The correct answer is option 4. This point is discussed in exhibit 1.2 in the study guide. In business-to-business markets distribution channels tend to be direct, due to the fact that the number of clients are much less than in consumer market, relationships between the marketing firm and the client need to be stronger and the products sometimes necessitate direct delivery. The unique characteristics of the business-to-business marketing firm and the business customer are important material for the examination.


MNM2044 /201

Question 2 The correct answer is option 5. Three categories of business-to-business products are identified in figure 1.7 in the prescribed book. In figure 1.1 in the study guide a different classification is given. In the latter one the focus is more on the type of business-to-business firms that exist and not so much on the products that they manufacture or market. Question 3 The correct answer is 1. The theory on the analysis of customer organisations is summarised in figure 3.1 and then discussed in the study guide. (Bear in mind that this topic is not discussed in the prescribed book.) You must study this topic well. Figure 3.1 shows clearly that the organisational structure of client firms is one of their general characteristics that needs to be studied. It is regarded as a general characteristic because it seldom impacts on the need for and the purchasing and consumption behaviour of these client firms. However, this factor could have a significant impact on the ability of the marketing firm to provide client firms with its product. Larger clients may have different requirements than smaller ones. Question 4 The correct answer is option 3. The criteria that client organisations regard as the most important quality(ies) that a product should have are shown in figure 3.1 in the study guide. Application criteria are not considered as important when deciding between products. Question 5 The correct option is 1. The theory on the types of market structures or marketing preference patterns is discussed in section 4.1 in the study guide. Here you need to ask yourself the following question: What does the term “market preference patterns” mean? It means how similar, or different, the needs of the customer firms in a particular market are, in terms of a specific product. If all the customer firms have basically similar requirements for the product (needs), and buy and consume the product in a similar way (buying...
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