Industrial House Keeping

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Industrial Housekeeping
What is housekeeping?
Efficient production and a good working environment are complementary. The elimination of inefficiencies and accident hazards caused by unfavourable conditions in and about the workplace is essential in getting the job done properly and safely. The attention to these important details which may be overlooked when management’s attention is concentrated upon such amenities as good cloakrooms, canteens, rest rooms, recreational facilities, etc. is widely referred to as “good housekeeping”. Good housekeeping involves every phase of industrial operations and should apply throughout the entire premises, indoors and out. It is more than mere cleanliness. It requires orderly conditions, the avoidance of congestion, and attention to such details as an orderly layout of the whole workplace, the marking of aisles, adequate storage arrangements, and maintenance. Industrial Housekeeping Industrial housekeeping a place for everything and everything in its place "; it must mean more than painting aisle ways and sweeping the aisles. To me, it is that indefinable reaction when making -an inspection, that here is a plant, well organized, well kept, and on its toes in plant hygiene. For a plant to create this reaction on a trained observer involves a great deal of planned effort and some expenditure by management, and this cannot be accomplished either casually or in a day or two.

Scope of Industrial house keeping
Scope of Industrial housekeeping includes supervision of sanitary facilities, locker rooms, and the attendant problems of proper water supplies and sewage disposal systems, in addition to the usual cleaning and sweeping operations.

Elements of Good Housekeeping
1. Men and machines should be so placed as to provide the easiest and most efficient flow of production. 2. Operations should be so located that the health hazards, possibly associated with one will not imperil workers on another task. 3. Structural and operational arrangements should be made to permit easy traffic of men and materials within the plant. 4. Adequate space should be allotted for the storage of movable equipment and tools not in current use. 5. A safe water supply and proper sewerage and sewage disposal facilities must be provided. 6. Definite janitor service should be furnished for the regular cleaning of sanitary facilities, locker and eating rooms, windows, lighting fixtures, and other parts of the interior of the plant. 7. Proper maintenance of all equipment must be enforced; this will become a relatively easy matter if the other items are carried out in a conscientious manner. Reasons for good Industrial housekeeping

A good housekeeping programme will:
* Considerably reduce the possibility of a fire starting * Prevent rapid spread of a fire and therefore reduce property losses * Ensure that exit and fire escape routes remain clear, thereby reducing loss of life * Improve accessibility of fire-fighting equipment to facilitate its maintenance and use in an emergency * Bolster productivity through improving staff morale since nobody enjoys working in a dirty or untidy environment Define responsibilities

Since the importance of housekeeping and effective waste control has been stressed, with whom does the responsibility lie? Clearly with management. Managers decide that good housekeeping will form an integral part of working procedures, and the decision must be conveyed to all employees first in writing and then followed up on bulletin boards, in newsletters or during face-to-face meetings. Every employee must feel involved and be committed to the cause. However, storage and working areas change, staff change and unless the housekeeping programme is constantly monitored, it could soon deteriorate. Key personnel are assigned to be responsible. Delegate these responsibilities in writing – if not written down, they will be easily forgotten. While fire and safety personnel are...
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