Industrial Conflicts: a Comparison Between Britain and France

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Industrial Conflicts: A Comparison between Britain and France

Outline of proposed paper

I would like to conduct a comparison in the Industrial Conflicts between Britain and France. In this period of financial crisis where companies are taking action on both sides of the English Channel to stay competitive, it would be interesting to analyze the industrial conflicts of these countries as trade unions and workers are sometimes protesting to save their jobs occasionally with extreme violence. I would also like to know more about the Industrial Conflicts in Britain as this is something unfamiliar for me compared to the situation in France where trade unionism and militancy is present early in our lives with students commonly on strike and usually commences from High School.

Identification and justification of relevant theory

Before focusing on industrial conflicts, I thought that it would be interesting to first understand the industrial relations with the theory of Richard Whitley (1992) and the concept of Business Systems to highlight that there are major differences between these two countries in the way of organizing and managing economic activities and structuring their industrial relations. Concerning the Industrial Conflicts, Steve Jefferys (2001, 2003)who analyses the French and British employment relations using legal, sociological and historical approaches and also the neo-liberal, regulation, social movement and the societal effect theories to understand the employment relations and their industrials conflict will be my main focus. My additional focus will be on Michael Jackson and his analysis on strike trends, specifically in Anglo-Saxon countries. He thoroughly examines explanations for strikes drawing on research findings and comments from a broad range of disciplines from various authors and theories.

Identification of empirical evidence

The TUC (Trades Union Congress) library will be extremely helpful in finding...
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