Industrial and Retail Finance

Topics: Bank, Interest, Debt Pages: 53 (12770 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Project report
On “Types of Industrial and Retail finance”


I would like to express my gratitude toward ‘Syndicate Bank’ for giving me the opportunity to work with them. I would like to thanks the entire staff of Syndicate Bank, Regional office, Bhopal for their Co- operation during summer training which helped in the learning experience being enjoyable and fruitful.

I shoulder the responsibility to acknowledge the following distinguished personalities who graciously allowed me to carry out this project work successfully. I am highly indebted to Mr. N.Hariharan, Deputy General Manager, Regional office, Bhopal. I wish and express my heart full gratitude to Mr. T.C.Gupta, Senior Manager & Mr. R.K.Behera, Senior Manager for the guidance and suggestions throughout the project, without which I could not have been able to complete this project report successfully. I extend my thanks to all my friends for their moral support and encouragement. Last but not least I thank my parents and relatives who inspired me always to do the best.

Rashmi Ranjan Behera


I, Rashmi Ranjan Behera, a student of M.B.A 2nd Year of SIVA SIVANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, SECUNDERABAD (2011-2013 batch) do hereby declare that that the Summer Project Report entitled “TYTPES OF INDUSTRIAL & RETAIL FINANACE” is of my own efforts and it has not been submitted to any other University or Institution before.

I have submitted this project for the practical fulfillment of PGDM degree.

Rashmi Ranjan Behera Date: - Signature of Candidate

Chapter 1
* Brief introduction about the topic
* Need for the study
* Objectives
* Methodology

Chapter 2
* Company profile
* Product profile
Chapter 3
* Assessment of loan by the bank
Chapter 4
* Data analysis and interpretation

Chapter 5
* conclusion


The financial crises in 2006 have become the main cause for recession which was started from US and was spread across the world. The world economy has been majorly affected from the crisis. The securities in stock exchange have fallen down drastically which has become the root cause of bankruptcy of many financial institutions and individuals. The root cause of the economic and financial crisis is credit default of big companies and individuals which has badly impacted the world economy. So in the present scenario analysing one’s credit worthiness has become very important for any financial institution before providing any form of credit facility so that such situation doesn’t arise in near future again. Analysis of the credit worthiness of the borrowers is known as Credit Appraisal. In order to understand the credit appraisal system followed by the banks this project has been conducted. The project has analysed the credit appraisal procedure with special reference to Punjab National Bank which includes knowing about the different credit facilities provided by the banks to its customers, how a loan proposal is being made, what are the formalities that is to be satisfied and most importantly knowing about the various credit appraisal techniques which are different for each type of credit facility. Before going further it is necessary to understand the need and basic framework of the project. Therefore...
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