Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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  • Published : April 29, 2008
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As an accounting major, Industrial and Organizational psychology is particularly interesting and necessary to me. Accounting majors same as all the other majors in the business field are required to take plenty of management classes. They uncovered many interesting approaches and theories of I/O psychology which will help you to better understand the organization you are working in and people that you would have to deal with. As I have already taken most of my management classes required, I am already familiar with this subject and now it is easier for me open it in a more professional manner. Early psychologists, noted the practicality of psychological research, sought to apply the findings to business problems. Industrial and organizational psychology itself was established sometime after establishment of psychology as a science which was approximately in 1879. Yet, many of the issues important to I/O psychology had been discussed long before then. These are just a few examples. McCarthy, P. M. (2002) •Aristotle, in politics, developed foundations for many modern management concepts, including specialization of labor, delegation of authority, departmentalization, decentralization, and leadership selection. •Machiavelli (1527) offered practical advice for developing authoritarian structures within organizations •Adam Smith (1776), in The Wealth of Nations revolutionized economic and organizational thought by suggesting the use of centralization of labor and equipment in factories, division of specialized labor, and management of specialization in factories.

When the United States entered World War I in 1917, applied psychology truly came into its own. Committees of psychologists investigated soldier morale and motivation. After the war, in 1919, the first university-based center for studying the applications of psychology to business was established at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Called the U.S. Bureau of Salesmanship Research. Sacket,...
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