Industrial Action in Sa

Topics: Strike action, Trade union, General strike Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: April 19, 2013

This assignment will be based on Industrial Action within SA over the past few years. It will begin by a brief explanation of what Industrial Action is from a legal point of view, the context of industrial action over the past five years or so, the contribution factors to industrial action and the increase in violence during the industrial action.

1. BRIEF EXPLANATION OF INDUSTRIAL ACTION FROM A LEGAL POINT OF VIEW: With reference from a UNISA handle, industrial action is accepted worldwide as an integral part of collective bargaining. It can take different forms; these include a strike, a lock-out, picketing, a product boycott and protest action. Barker & Holtzhausen: define the term industrial action as meaning “action by unions, employees or employers, to pressurize the other party in the furtherance of an industrial dispute”. They go on to state "it usually refers to strikes and lock-outs but could also include picketing, product boycotts, sit-ins, go-slow strikes and other actions which disrupt the productive process.

2. CONTEXT OF INDUSTRIAL ACTION OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS OR SO WITHIN SA: * In some nations like Korea, South Africa, France and Spain where strike action helped democratize society; general strikes are still being used for mass mobilization and political protest.

* Labour’s strike effectiveness and organizational strength have long been connected. Throughout history, work stoppages have been used for economic and political purposes, to alter the balance of power between labour and capital within single workplaces, entire industries, or nationwide. Strikes have won shorter hours and safer conditions, through legislation or contract negotiation. They've fostered new forms of worker organization -- such as industrial unions, that were badly needed because of corporate restructuring and the reorganization of production. Strikes have...
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