Industrial Accidents

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  • Published : December 22, 2010
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Turkish government investigating shipyard deaths, AP Worldstream, August 12, 2008 C. ONUR ANT Turkey's government launched two investigations on into the latest of several fatal accidents at the country's leading shipyard, where about two dozen workers have died in the past year. The government already had recommended better training and stricter safety measures to end workrelated deaths at the booming Tuzla shipyard on Istanbul's eastern tip. But on Monday three workers died there in another accident. A lifeboat that employees were on broke free from a ship under repair and plunged into the sea at Tuzla shipyard, killing three workers and injuring 12.

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The Impact of Industrial Accidents, by Eurofound, EU Agency, November 2004 The origin of industrial accidents is to be found in environmental, organisational and personal factors and in the increase in business and employment. One of the causes most often cited is individual responsibility. In Spain, almost two-thirds of workers claim that their job involves an accident risk, but 52% of them think that the main causes of accidents are "overconfidence and habit". In other words, workers believe that they themselves are largely responsible for accidents. On the other hand, only 3.1% of workers think that the accident risk is due to working without sufficient training and only 39% believe that it is due to lack of experience. It is estimated by the European Foundation that in Europe about 25 accidents take place for every 1,000 workers with a fatality rate of 6.25 for every 100,000 workers. Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg are the European countries with the highest rate of both industrial accidents and deaths. Industrial disasters are mass disasters caused by industrial companies, either by accident, negligence or incompetence. To reduce the number of industrial accidents substantially and...
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