Indus Valley Civilization

Topics: Indus Valley Civilization, Harappa, Indus River Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Indus: The Unvoiced Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization was an intriguing and sophisticated ancient culture, with many highly advanced inventions in civil engineering. The urban planning in cities like Dholavira was quite superb and had to be because it held up to 20,000 people. The people kept this urban district up with large limestone pillars that increased the aesthetic and functional integrity of their buildings. Dholavira had an intelligent water system with water flowing both above and below ground. The city of Dholavira also showcased walls made up of brick-like stones that were placed throughout the city in an orderly fashion, although the reasons for these walls are unknown. There is also the use of up to 16 reservoirs placed within the city that were used for the retention of water. Along with the urban district of Dholavira, there was the fortress, which was the center of political activity. The fortress was equipped with 4 large gates at the north, south, east and west ends of the complex. The fortress had a system for collecting rain water that involved the use of a black slate. The fortress also had well designed aqua ducts that flowed to and from the center. Speaking of water, the people of Dholavira built an intricate system of dams to retain water which was then channeled to reservoirs, as well as any water that overflowed above the dam. These reservoirs were designed using the natural bedrock and had a slop that allowed water to be fed into the lower dams and kept enough water to quench the crops. The rain water had its own aqua duct, because of its religious significance both for the communal well and communal bath. The artifacts found in the cities of Harappa show us a culture that has long since been left behind. This culture was quite advanced based on the certain artifacts found. These artifacts range from simple weapons, to children’s toys. This certain combination tells us that Harappa was mostly a peaceful culture, with...
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