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Indus Valley

By | November 2012
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Chapter 1: AP WORLD Notes

Indus Valley:
Ancient India
Sites: Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
Along Indus River
Harappan Culture: Origins
Geog advantages
Surplus -> urbanization
City Life
Problems in knowing 1) languages 2) flooding 3) no list of kings Seals/Stamps
Highly organized, planned cities
Trading posts near resources
Standardized weights and measures
Arayan invaders

Yellow and Yangzi River:
Large cities develop, bureaucracy, writing (longer)
Geography different
Few pressures (drought)
Fewer domesticated animals
Xia (Dynasty)
Shang @1600BCE
Kings: def Xia, highly personalized rule
Grew from need to settle disputes among towns
Zenith 1200 BCE
Metal industry, pottery, divination using animal bones (oracle bones), large palaces Bronze foundries, jade/ivory
Kings made powerful by controlling metal/agriculture
Patrilineal and patriarchal
Ancestor worship justified king’s power

T/E and Nile:
| Mesopotamia| Egypt|
Geography| T/E Fertile CrescentMntns caused irreg flood| NileSahara = isolation, peaceReg flood| Rivers| T/E: flooding (limited resources) Conflict walled cities | Nile: flooding| Architecture| Ziggurat| Pyramids|

Writing| Cuneiform| Hieroglyphics|
Education| Science/Astronomy emphasisNumber system*Cosmopolitan| MathematicsCalendar for floodingSelf-contained| Religion| Beer relatedPolytheismNo afterlife, Gilgamesh| Beer relatedPolytheismOrdered afterlife, Book of the Dead| Cities| UrUrukBabylon| MemphisThebes|

Literature| Epic of GilgameshKing in search of immortality| Book of the DeadRecitations to the gods| Art| Sculpture| Statues, portraits|
Rulers| Regional kings, city-statesPower connected to religionHammurabi’s Code| PharaohPharaoh controlled econ Theocracy|

Though Meso and Egypt were both polytheistic, the Mesopotamians concerned themselves with surviving this life, while the Egyptians prepared...

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