Indus River Vally and Chinese Dynasty

Topics: Civilization, Shang Dynasty, Indus Valley Civilization Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: November 11, 2007
Ever looked up the word culture in the dictionary? The amount is crazy big, but they still all mean about the same thing. The definition chosen was culture is the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. Basically it is saying it is the way a group of peoples out view. In our nation, our culture is completely different from any other nation, we are tons more progressive, and that is just the way it works. In ancient civilizations they too had their own culture. In comparing and contrasting the Ancient Civilations of the Indus River Valley and the Chinese Dynasties the differences their cultures contain are clear including their Religious views, the way they express themselves artistically and most importantly how they communicated socially.

Some of the religious differences that the Indus and Chinese were for example were who these civilizations believed in. The Indus worshipped a goddess named Harappan who was a maternal image to them, that and praising fertility. In their culture they had a theocracy. In the text it's said that no site of a temple was found, and preists would have likely prayed for good harvests and the safety from floods. (48) Unlike Chinese were praying to a whole other supreme god who dealt with the rain, wine and thunder named Shang Di. Even the way the two civilization worshipped their gods was different, the Indus seemed to have been more passive about their regilous values unalike the Chinese who had had actual rituals. It is obvious that they had strong feelings towards their beliefs because they took the time to make oracle bone, and on top of that used the oracle bones to interpret how their gods were feeling.(53) Athough the two civilizations were fundamentally alike of having a religion, in the way they appreciated their gods was different.

Indus River Valley civilaztion and the Chinese had some other beliefs that clashed including their Art. The Indus were more of the Romantics we know...
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