Indus Pencils Supply Chain Structure

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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1. Introduction & Business of the company

Indus Pencil Industries (Pvt) Ltd is the Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of office and school stationery products. Exports to markets of USA, UAE, Europe, Saudi Arabia etc..

1.1Products & Services

The wide range of products include Black lead pencil, Drawing color pencil sets, Ball point pens, Markers, Fountain pen & ink, Glue stick, and many others. The company is mainly known for its product line Deer Pencils and many only know the company by this name

2. Company’s Vision

The company’s aim is to improve its product range in the long run. The business wants to maintain a leading position in the market by taking appropriate measures including the implementation of technology to gain an edge.  

1.3Company’s Mission Statement

The company seeks to satisfy the target market by providing high class, durable and quality services and products to its customers. It also aims to focus on improving the operations of the company by taking the necessary steps to make the business successful.

2. Company’s Customer Competitive Strategy

The strategy of the company is to satisfy their customers by catering to their needs and wants. The company wants to retain a loyal customer base by providing high class quality services and products to customers. Also, the company aims to make use of software like Customer Relationship Management to help achieve this vision.

3. Company’s Position in the Industry
▪ The company Indus Pencils is a leading manufacturer of pencils and stationery in the market ▪ It is the leading supplier
▪ It does not only focus on local distribution but also exports The company’s competency lies in manufacturing therefore it is only responsible for manufacturing. Functions like logistics is outsourced unlike many other competing firms within the industry

1. Company’s Market Share
The company occupies a major chunk of the market. The total market share is approximately equal to 50%. [pic]

Map of Locations in Pakistan

Indus Pencil Industries (Private) Ltd. only
exists at a single location in Pakistan.
B-54, Manghopir Road, S.I.T.E., Karachi


Indus is a highly centralized company i.e. decision-making is concentrated in the upper levels of the organization. The Top management makes the company’s key decisions with little or no input from the lower level employees. Indus is more centralized because the environment is stable company is large and lower level managers are not as capable or experienced at making decisions as upper level managers.

4.1Company Structure

▪ Departments
|Activity |Scope of Activity |Centralized or Decentralized | |Procurement |The Department basically deals with the procurement of raw materials from vendors like |Decentralized | | |the wood vendors. | | |Manufacturing |This department deals with the manufacturing and formation of the final goods i.e. pens,|Centralized | | |pencils, markers etc. | | |Warehousing |This department has its control over the inventory of the finished goods. There is only |Centralized | | |one warehouse of the company i.e. in Karachi. | | |Inventory |This...
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