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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Organisations are now in an era where change is continual and turbulent. There is far more intense competition between different organisations, as well as a growth in economic independence. Organisations need to be able to change the goods and services they provide to consumers on a frequent basis, this helps any business to keep on top of sales and achieve set targets. The products and customer services of an organisation constantly need to be new and innovative to ensure demand is satisfied. Innovative new products are the fuel for the most powerful growth engine. In today's global marketplace, manufacturers are expected to deliver consistent quality wherever those products are made, whether a plant is located in Asia, Europe, or America. Global manufacturing will continue to develop and have an influence globally for as long as the supply matches the demand of the consumers. Organisations need to be able to change their goods and services to suit the needs of the current target market and ensure they are prepared for future market changes prior to this being supplied by another company. By having a defined target market an organisation is able to aim its marketing and merchandise appropriately satisfying the customer. The customer needs to know when they have made their purchase they shall be obtaining the latest fashionable product in order to satisfy a consumer need, whether it’s to look good, be trendy, to ‘fit in’ or have the latest gadget. There will always be a continual growth of products, along with an increase in demand for new products, so as the designer of an organisation they will always be under pressure to ensure they keep up to date with what is already on the market, and extend their research to ensure they are abreast of future demands, along with making sure global competitors enter the market place with more competitive products as this could result in sales decreasing, potentially having an impact on the organisation. Changes to the...
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