Indoor N Outdoor Games

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At first, gymnastics were the only method of physical exercise Gymnastics by nature are dull and monotonous. Man wished to get mental pleasure during physical exercise. So, he invented outdoor games. Now, outdoor games are popular all over the world. Classification:

In India, we have now two classes of outdoor games, such as, the native and the foreign. The native games are Ha-du-du, Hide and Seek, Kabadi and so on. The foreign games came to us when the English came to India. The foreign games are Football, Volleyball, Ringball, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket and so on. The game of football is the most popular of all the outdoor games. At present, many football teams are found in our country. Advantages:

Outdoor games are very useful. They give us all benefits of physical exercise. Outdoor games are open air games. So, we breathe in plenty of fresh air. We breathe in plenty for owygen. Hence, our blood circulation works very well. In outdoor games we play together. So, we have to obey the rules of them. Here we learn obedience to law and obedience to umpire. We learn how to behave with our fellow players. Hence, we learn manners. In outdoor games we learn sportsmanship. We get the spirit of sportsman. So, we tolerate the victory of the against party. This kind of toleration is a master quality with every sensible man. Outdoor games are important for another reason. Knowledge of outdoor games is an additional qualification for getting a good execution service. Disadvantages:

We know that the outdoor games are very interesting. So, they lead us to over exercise. Over exercise is certainly bad for our health. Sometimes we discuss much of the outdoor games and neglect our study. Hence it spoils our future. We should guard ourselves against all these short comings. The present position:

In India the present position of outdoor games is quite satisfactory. More teams are coming into the field. Large stadiums have been set up. match-games are...
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