Indoor Tanning Has More Positive Effects Than Negative

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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Indoor tanning is used by over twenty-five million people in the United States. Its popularity is increasing daily, and so does the awareness of its health risks. To some people it is dangerously risky to even try to lie in a tanning bed. It is not safe to tan indoors to them; however, some studies have stated otherwise. Indoor tanning is profitable, relaxing, and beneficial for your health. Working at a tanning salon has shown me each aspect of these. I would like to show how tanning isn’t as dangerous and harmful as some people generalize it to be. Tanning can actually be very rewarding.

Tanning is profitable because you spend a little money on tanning to get more money in the outcome. "Before the twenty-first century, fair skin was valued as a sign of prosperity. Now, the perceptions of skin tone have reversed. Having a dark tan complexion is now associated with health, youth, and beauty and has become a cultural symbol of status" (Konopa). Tanning has become a part of our nation’s everyday lives. People want to look and feel young, and tanning does the trick. Looking young and beautiful could potentially give a good job. For example, if you were a salesperson and you look young and slightly attractive because of the tan, then more people will come to you. They will attract the younger crowd because they feel like they can relate, so spending a little money here will give more money later on. It is also profitable is a company for investors because you can sell tanning lotions to increase revenue. By using a tanning lotion, you stimulate your production of Melanin in the sun. Specifically, Melanin is skin produced in order to tan by the darkening of the skins pigments. Without using a tanning lotion, you are losing your tan time. From my experience, if you tan for ten minutes without a lotion, you are really tanning for only four minutes with lotion. Thus, it is better to spend the money to get a better tan, rather than waste it and not get as good of a...
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