Indoor Navigation System for Visually Impaired Person Using Gps

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INDOOR NAVIGATION SYSTEM FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSON USING GPS Dr. Boyina.S.Rao, Ms. K.Deepa, Hari Prasanth.L, Vivek.S, Nanda Kumar.S, Rajendhiran.A, Saravana.J

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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology Coimbatore, India ABSTRACT This paper presents the architecture as well as the implementation of the system that helps the visually impaired person to navigate autonomously in the indoor environment. This method utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) and it also incorporates object avoidance technologies. The system applies a zigbee protocol to provide the continuous tracking of the visually impaired person. It also consists of additional components like ATMEGA microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor and microphone to provide more refined location and orientation information. The visually impaired person issues the command and receives the direction response using audio signals. The latitude and longitude values are received continuously from the GPS receiver and then transferred to the PC using the zigbee transceivers, using these values the localization of the visually impaired person is attained using Google map.

KEYWORDS localization; visually impaired; zigbee; navigation. handwriting and gesture recognition. This approach is I. INTRODUCTION The goal of this work is to allow the visually more applicable to natural terrain environments. impaired persons navigate independently in the Similar approach is used for registration in urban indoor environment. Conventional navigational environment with the exception that the line of sight systems in the indoor environment are expensive and is registered by comparing the video frame or digital its manufacturing is time consuming. The visually image with a 3D virtual GIS model [8,9]. impaired are at considerable disadvantage as they This system completely depends on Virtual Mapping often lack the information needed while passing with object identification. The elements required to obstacles and hazards. They have relatively little perform the guidance process includes defining the information about land marks, heading and self destination or target, identifying the current position velocity information that is essential to navigate them of the blind person and finally determining the best successfully through unfamiliar environments. In this path to be taken to reach the desired destination. In modern world providing security to each and every order to identify user position, the guidance system human being in life gains a major consideration. utilizes Zigbee based localization engine technique Everyone has realized the need to secure themselves that continuously updates the server with the user against hazards and unauthorized dealings. This work location. A digital compass located in the push aims at providing the navigation for the visually mobile cart enables the system to identify the user impaired persons, by designing a cost – effective and orientation. The proximity sensors incorporated in the more flexible navigation system. It is our belief that mobile push cart enable the detection of obstacles. the recent advances in technologies could help and The user of the guidance system pushes the cart that facilitate in day – day operations of visually impaired houses hardware components in front of him/her persons. while walking. The cart rolls on passive wheels that support its weight during regular operation. Also the II. RELATED WORK In 1991, Golledge et al; were the earliest to propose wheels are equipped with encoders to determine the the use of GIS, GPS, speech, and sonic sensor relative motion of the user. This information is used components for navigation in a progress notes on the to refine the system localization process. Thus if status of GIS [4]. MOBIC is a GPS based travel...
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