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Topics: Field, Association football, Indoor soccer Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Colby Henderson
English 101 – Tietjen
March 28, 2011

What is Soccer?
Indoor and outdoor soccer share many similarities, however, they also share many differences as well. What are those you might ask? They are the number of players, pace of the game, and safety of the game are all different depending on what type of soccer your playing. Outdoor soccer is the most popular due to school and professional teams that play against each other in a head to head competition. Although these two games might look similar and seem the same to many others, they aren’t, and they have different rules and regulations for different aspects of the game.

Safety is one of the biggest issues of any sport or activity that you do. Each sport has different regulations for what is “safe” during that particular sport, and what is not safe. Football is the type of sport that involves the players being tackeled by other players and due to that, all of the players must wear a helmet. In hockey, the games get real physical so all the players in the rink need to wear numerous pads all over their bodies, including helmets. In soccer, many less severe actions are played out to make sure each and every player stays safe during an actual game. Indoor soccer has many more issues relating to safety then outdoor soccer does due to how it’s played. Because indoor is played on a gym floor or on turf (artificial grass), it tends to hurt more when you get pushed or fall to the ground. Rug burns are what usually happens and we all know how those feel, not good at all. Another hazardous thing that tends to be around is either nets or boards that line the turf or wooden floor. With turf fields, nets surround the feel so its enclosed, and it makes sure that the ball stays inside. On gym floors, boards are put in front of doors and openings so it’s a continuous game that doesn’t need to stop. Hitting the boards, or getting tangled in the net is the biggest safety threat that is...
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