Indoor Air Pollution

Topics: Air pollution, Indoor air quality, Air Quality Index Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Indoor Air Pollution: Effects to Peoples Health

Approximately 93% of our life we spend indoors (Vladimira Bukerova, personal communication, February 2012). Even though this may sound crazy it, is true. Weather people stay at home or at work; school or go for shopping they are inside of a building breathing, living the same air most of their daily life. There are different issues now days that are destroy our air and when talking about them people immediately will thing about the pollution caused by cars, fuels or wood in the out side world. However, our air is polluted even inside of our buildings. According to the EPA, air pollution indoors is often two to five times worse than it is outside. This is a serious issue people have to be concerned of because indoor air can lead to different health problems. In addition, although air pollution outdoors is bad, indoor air is more dangerous for our health.

Firstly, smoking inside the house causes the indoor air pollution. People who smoking don’t just risk their health to lung cancer and heart diseases but also the others who breathe the same air. In addition, according to Jon Roberts, doctor, second hand smokers are responsible for causing asthma symptoms for million children every year. It is the parents and people around them who risk the children health. On the other hand, unfortunately smoking inside of a building remains for a long time inside of the walls (APG, 2010). This means even if the cigarettes shut down the smoking do not stops because the released nicotine will remain there even for years. Obviously, that nicotine is breathed by the other people inside. Thus, smoking is a serious factor that causes indoor air to affect people’s health.

Secondly, indoor air pollution results because of released gases in air. In homes people everyday cook their meals in their cooker where most of them are with gas. The released gas is harmful for peoples health because it may cause irritation in nose, ear and...
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