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  • Published: November 23, 2014
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United Nations Fund for Population

Final Evaluation of UNFPA Indonesia’s 7th Country
Programme (2006-2010)
Final Draft
Dr. Soeharsono Soemantri, Consultant, Population and
Development Strategies
Mr. Hari Sadewo, Consultant, Gender
Ms. Laura Wedeen, Consultant, Reproductive Health and Team
Report Commissioned and Edited by UNFPA, Indonesia
July, 2010

The evaluation team gratefully acknowledges the support of many people, without whom the evaluation would not have been possible. First and foremost, our sincere thanks to the many representatives of partner agencies who gave their time and shared their insights about CP7’s successes and shortcomings. We sincerely hope that this evaluation highlights key issues that will contribute to strengthening UNFPA-supported programmes in the future. We also take this opportunity to thank the Programme Managers at all levels, and particularly at provinical and district levels, who commited enormous amounts of time to facilitate meetings, provide documentaiton and share ideas during nearly three weeks of field-work. Our appreciation also goes to the office staff and drivers who ensured the team got where we needed to go, computers got repaired, and a myriad of other professional needs were met. Special thanks go to the UNFPA staff for their candid contributions, genuine openness to issues raised in this evaluation, and thoughtful comments on drafts of the report. The team specifically acknowledges the support of Bastiaan Van de Loo, UNFPA Evaluation Officer, who provided extensive documentation in flash time, and answered countless questions over the course of many months. Finally, we thank Dr. Zahidul Huque, Representative of UNFPA Indonesia for his keen attention to this evaluation process, and for the many assurances that the results of this evaluation would indeed be used to inform future UNFPA programming in Indonesia.


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