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Prisons in the early years, were much less of how prisons are seen today. Prisons were mistreated, the conditions were unbearable and not fit for humans. Prisoners often were punished severely to the point were it resulted in death, Flogging, mutilation, branding, even public humiliation were some of the different types of punishments (Schmalleger, 2011, Chapter 13). In some instances offenders were not fed or clothe properly and left in cells for long periods of time without food or water. Most had no goals to rehabilitate the offender nor help them on any matter. Over time the ideals of how a prison should be like evolved.

Before the nineteenth century there were no real prisons (Foster, 2006, Chapter 1). There is no clear time of when the first prison came into existences (Schmalleger, 2011, Chapter 13). There were merely just small rooms; and they were used to punish criminals whom committed serious crimes, there was no correctional purpose (Foster, 2006, Chapter 1). In the 1770s many of the jails at that time had no interest or level of classification (Foster, 2006, Chapter 1). There were different models being used in the earlier days and have changed over time. The Auburn model during the 19th century model was based on having offenders work in groups completing community activities, then at night placed in solitary confinement and strict rules were set in to play ("Auburn System", 2014).This system was seen as a way to teach respect and working with others and also having personal discipline ("Auburn System", 2014). Silence was a big factor and was enforced to the max; it was seen as a way to take away ones sense of self ("Auburn System", 2014). This is similar to the hierarchical model; which goal is to ensure physical control (Schmalleger, 2011, Chapter 13). The Auburn prison was merely an experiment to determine and displayed the effects of what solitary confinement can really do to an...
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