Individual Writing Versus Collaborative Writing

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Individual Writing versus Collaborative Writing
Team C
November 13, 2009
Jennifer Core

Individual Writing versus Collaborative Writing
This essay will indentify similarities and differences between the individual writing process and the collaborative writing process. Collaborative writing is the way that people in the fields of business, government, and technology compose large writing assignments (Baecker, 1993). There are many advantages to collaborative writing. One advantage is that writing with other people is very helpful because they can offer knowledge and skills that an individual writer may not possess. Having many writers help produce a document can relieve a lot of stress. If a writer has less to write, they will have more time to focus on what they are writing and make their portion much better. Although collaborative writing has many good advantages, it also has many disadvantages. Collaborative writing can cause feuds between coworkers when they disagree about different issues. Collaborative writing can also be very time consuming. Preparing a document that pleases multiple people instead of just one writer can be very difficult. When giving their opinions, gender and multicultural differences may arise. It can cause differences and misunderstandings in writing process. An individual writing process may be preferable when writing a short document that has to do with just one expertise. Similarities between collaborative and individual writing is that, if both writings are considered masterpieces, the instructor will have the same effort and time reviewing both papers. To the reader, whether a student, an employee or a division head, receives the same amount of knowledge, experience or learning. Generally speaking, similarities between collaborative and individual writings excel the aspects of contrast. Studies of experienced writers indicate that they often set new goals for themselves as they draft, that is, and they discover what it is they want to say in the process of saying it (Hayes & Flower, 1980). The writer will find many issues that have to be addressed when working on a collaborative assignment. One of the most important is plagiarism. The members of the team should all be aware of the definition for plagiarism. Plagiarism is the unaccredited use of someone else’s ideas. When paraphrasing the writers must be sure that they do not just take out a few words or switch the wording around. The purpose for reference materials is not to copy material, only to read information and benefit from it. Read the article then put it away before you begin writing. This makes it easier not to just quote all the information. Trying this method will require brainstorming. Brainstorming is a creative technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for a solution of a problem. Brainstorming and topic selection are critical, for individuals working on solving a problem or working in teams (Webb, 2003). Both individuals and teams must conduct research. For the individual, the task of selecting a topic and appropriate references can be time consuming. Teams benefit because the labor can be divided among several people. Brainstorming can come to a standstill for an individual, but is one of the most productive activities for a team. Opportunities arise when teams are brainstorming for ideas, as they have a group of team members all trying to achieve the same goal, and that is to generate possibilities, share ideas, and prepare one another for problem-solving. Brainstorming for individuals means to put in extra time, and preparations, because they’re one person and only his or her ideas are presented. Editing a team essay is different from editing an individual essay. A team can benefit from the members’ many skills. An individual has only her or his own eyes to rely upon and the writer can miss many mistakes. When finished editing the paper proofread before submission. Proofreading is a little...
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