Individual Theories

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  • Published : September 3, 2011
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Individual Theories
CJS 240

Individual Theories

There are several theories that examine the reason why some adolescents are motivated to commit crimes are, in some instances, “predisposed” to a life of crime, while other adolescences, in similar circumstances, are not.

There are several theories that have been researched in regards to this matter. These theories are: 1).Routine Activities theory-The routine Activities Theory is largely based upon the fact that a certain amount of crime is the norm and depends upon the environment the adolescent was raised in. In this theory, it is believed that if the reward for committing the crime is great enough, the crime will be committed, regardless of circumstance. 2).General Deterrence Theory-With the General Deterrence Theory, it is believed that a person who lacks self control or are weak as an individual, WILL commit some type of crime if given the opportunity. 3).Specific Deterrence Theory-

In specific deterrence Theory Specific deterrence this theory focuses on an individual basis and relies on the fact that if an individual is aware of the consequences for committing a crime they will be punishes and are war are of the consequences they must pay for committing said crime. 4). Biochemical Theory-

This theory is based upon the fact that crimes could be committed due to a physical imbalance of vitamin intake, improper nutrition, hormonal imbalance (such as menopause),as well as certain reactions to food allergies.

-The major premise of the theory is that crime is a function of diet, vitamin intake, hormonal imbalance, or food allergies. -“ The strengths are that the theory explains irrational violence and shows how the environment interacts with personal traits to influence behavior. I can test that this theory is pretty accurate. I know when I haven't eaten enough for the day, or the things I had eaten were just empty calories, I had MAJOR mood issues. I'd get emotional and angry easily. Think of...
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