Individual Rights and Public Order

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  • Published : August 6, 2007
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We all have different views of what our rights as individuals should be. As individuals we should be able to choose how we live our lives. We have the first ten amendments in the constitution that states what rights we have as individuals. We have the right to bear arms, right to petition, right to free speech, and the right to remain silent. These are just a few rights as individuals we have been given by the government. All rights are privileges to freedom of action. You have the right to do what is essential to maintain your life. You have the right to do what on earth it is that makes you happy. Public order assumes freedom is important that every effort must be made to reduce crime. Public order provides a speedy and proficient way of justice for criminals. Public order helps get criminals be deprived of many rights afforded to people who actually obey the law. Public order is rights that protect the safety of our citizens. Public order makes sure that any criminal that has committed a crime is locked up for what they have done and can not be protected by their individual rights. Public order helps reduce crimes for citizens to live a safe life without having to worry about someone doing something to them. Public order values individual rights but suggests that the way to protect individual rights is to protect people from criminals even if that means the innocent people are mistakenly convicted. This essay is to make sure you understand what the meaning of individual rights and public order are along with the advantages and disadvantages of individual rights and pu
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