Individual Research Process and Terminology Paper

Topics: Police, Crime, Jargon Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Raven Jones
John Dosdall
July 17, 2012
New Terminology in Criminal Justice

We use research methods in our every day life and not even know it. Research methods play a very important part in the life of someone who is in the criminology field. Without some of the research methods that we have, many cases would never get solved, and they would be in the cold case files. In this paper, I will discuss new terminology and how it helps one who is in the criminology field.

Methodology or methods involve the collection of accurate facts and/or data regarding the nature of crime and criminal justice policy. In my reading I learned about Researchese: the language of research. To someone who is not familiar then the language of research is like being exposed to a foreign language. There is nothing more frustrating that not understanding something that someone is trying to explain to you in order to help you. How many times have you had to read something over and over again, because you could not understand it, and you ask yourself, “Why don’t these people write this in English?” I know I have several times; this is the most common reaction to a coin phrase as research shock. Research shock is a sense of disorientation experienced by a person when they are suddenly bombarded with an unfamiliar style of presentation and research language. When a person has this reaction it is not necessarily to how complex it is or they think they can not learn it, it is just because they are not familiar with the method yet.

For those people who are in the criminology field, or a cop, or even only taken a few courses, will soon realize that you have already learned the language in your field. When people who specialize in a certain field start using their “slang” or jargon, they find that many people do not understand a word you are saying. How will knowing researchese help someone that is in the criminology field? I think it will help in many ways...
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