Individual Report Application Project

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Evaluation Report

In this report I will concentrate on the team project we had to complete in the second term. I will mostly talk about my part in the team, the things that I found most challenging, what I have learned from this experience and the things that I would do differently in future projects. My Role

My role in the team Buttercup was the role of a reporter. I have to make sure the process is following the right path, I need to ensure every member of the team knows what they are supposed to be doing, I’m the person that keeps everyone updated about the meeting times and the goals we have to achieve on each meeting. In a way, I feel as if I am the one responsible for our group’s congruity and efficiency. I do believe that for some people is hard to work in a team, just like the famous expression is saying “I walk alone, because I was born alone.” (Patrick Okogwu Jr.). However, that is a weakness we can work on, and we can improve ourselves so we get along with others and become able to work as a team. Being older than my team members, meant that I have more experience of life, more experience of how to influence the people around me in order for them to be at their best. That was the reason why I chose my role, I found it to be the most appropriate to my character. The Game

Connect 4 was the actual project we have to complete before the 2nd of April 2012. When I heard the name “Connect 4”, it didn’t ring any bells. Maybe the reason that I didn’t grow up in the UK had something to do with my lack of knowledge of Connect 4. Seems like living in Transilvania as a child, and being too busy defending ourselves against vampires didn’t leave much time for playing smart strategy games. However my lack of knowledge came to an end after spending hours and hours playing the game. Playing it, made me understand the ways to win it, and in some sort of way the programming behind the game. I also read strategies online, thing that also helped me...
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