Individual Report (50%)

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Marketing mix Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Individual Report (50%)
You are required to prepare a report for management, recommending that the Company enter into a new overseas market (defined as a country or large region within it) and outline the main features of the marketing plan. The new market that you recommend is your choice but it must not be one where the Company is already present. The report should be 3000 words max and the hand in date is 13th March 2013 via Blackboard before 12 noon.

Your recommendation needs to contain the following:

1 Reasons for selection of new market for entry by the Company 2. Alternative markets which were candidates and reasons not selected 3 Proposed market entry strategy, including rationale
4 Outline of recommended marketing mix.

Assessment criteria
* Knowledge of theory underpinning internationalisation of marketing * Demonstration of the ability to develop appropriate solutions for differing market circumstances * Evaluation of options and justification of recommendations * Use of references, and professional standard of the report

The critical points to remember are:
1 Answer all 4 questions and ensure that you answer the questions stated. All questions are equally important but do not necessarily use the same number of words. Do not spend so much time on one question to the detriment of another. Use common sense. 2 The questions are interrelated and you can refer to previous sections to improve the links so that the report flows well. 3 Your marketing mix must make sense with your proposals and with the other parts of the mix. E.g. it is nonsense to suggest that a brand which is positioned as say luxury and High end utilises an everyday low value pricing strategy. 4 Try to be succinct and do not include great parts of research reports. These should be referred to and used to support your arguments. Remember answer the question using your research and analysis not the other way around. 5 Use theory and research...
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