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  • Published : April 8, 2011
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ACCT 1080


An individual often learn best through personal experiences as it enables the mind to remember information for the long term. This assignment provides the reflection of my learning experience working as a team member. 1. Positive Aspects of Working within a Team

The greatest advantage working within a team is the distribution of workload. This reduces the workload for each member and also allows each member to specialise in certain areas of the report. However, where conducting research is concerned, each member was tasked to research on all aspects. It might seem as a tedious method but it allows each member to have a general understanding of the report. Using their own methodology for research, like accessing a database that each member is more familiar with, more in-depth researches are covered to produce a more convincing report.

2. Negative Aspects of Working with My Team
Not knowing each other prior to the group assignment, it is similar to entering a new working environment, having to work with people whose working style we are not used to. Therefore, my group is reserved in voicing our opinions during the generation of the report. Each member has their own approach in writing a report, which might be unacceptable to others. This resulted in the rejection of one member’s write-up without any explanation by another member, who was compiling the report, until being confronted on the issue.

3. My Major Contribution to the Team
My major contribution is to edit the write-ups on the financial accounting reporting environment of Canada. Having researched on all the issues allowed me to be clear of the requirements of the report and ensure that the content is providing the necessary information.

4. Improvements on My Contribution to Teamwork in the Future I need to be vocal in my opinions and provide constant feedback while generating a report. This...
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