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2Reflective Cycle (Gibbs G, 1988)3
2.3.1Good experiences4
2.3.2Bad Experiences4
2.5Conclusion of learning experience5
2.6Action Plan5
3Kolb’s Learning Cycle (1976)5
4Conclusion of Report6
5Works Cited6

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In this report, I am going to describe my own role in helping the team to achieve its goal in relation to the group report and the practical negotiation exercise’s. Also I will provide evidence of my contribution to the cohesiveness of the group and how I facilitated the completion of the group goals. I am going to use a theoretical diagram in order to evaluate every piece of knowledge in which I have gained, after searching the internet for different diagrams and theory I found the views of Gibb’s (Gibbs, 1988). His reflective cycle is a process involving six steps shown below, it is a 'cycle' because the action you take in the final stage will feed back into the first stage, beginning the process again:

* Description – What happened?
* Feelings – What are you thinking and feeling?
* Evaluation – What was good and bad about the experience? * Analysis – What sense can you make of the situation?
* Conclusion – What else could you have done?
* Action Plan – If it arose again what would you do?

(Gibbs, 1988)
Reflective Cycle (Gibbs G, 1988)
Within this module we were provided a brief involving a real life client with a real strategic issue with which they would like assistance, The client was from a local charity organisation named, ‘The Lions Club Wallasey’, our task was to analyse and examine the different problems in which the club were facing and through a number of resource methods come up with new, modern and initiative ideas and recommendations to help aid them in improving their club. Our Client was the director of the Lions in Wallasey and he interacted with us as a group through a presentation with an open question format in which we gained an insight into the background and different areas of the club. Previous to this I had no knowledge of the Lions Club both internationally and in Wallasey, however after some further research on the company I gained a much better insight on the work they carry out within the communities in which they operate, we were the set the task of composing two power-point presentations in which we would present to our tutor and the client detailing our analysis and recommendations, we then had to document our findings in a group report and then conclude with this self-reflection report. Feelings

During this module there was a great mix between both group work along with individual work, we were put into groups in order to produce and present a presentation to the class and then produce a group report along with this, From completing my group work I believe I have earned plenty of new communication skills, at the beginning of the semester I found myself a little bit more held back in order to express my opinion however working within the group, I found that I had to become more of a group leader in order to complete the tasks at hand, through the completion of this I have found the confidence to now express my issues/thoughts fully. Through the different pieces of research in which I carried out I have found that my knowledge has been broadened into the marketing and advertising side of business. I have also developed time management skills as we were set a deadline for each of our pieces of work and I was able to input my work in order to meet these deadlines, I believe that I managed my time well and completed all the tasks on time as well as making them professional, I had to be aware of my time management within this task as I had a lot of different assignments due in for the same sort of dates, and therefore I didn’t...
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