Individual Program Planning and Evaluation Paper

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Sex Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Checkpoint Theory, Design and Specification

Barbara Palmer


February 2, 2013

Kevin Bottomley

Checkpoint Theory, Design and Specification

Intervention for Adolescent Males Who Commit Date Violence/Abuse

Introduction - The purpose of the initiative is to create an intervention program for adolescent males who commit abuse and violence against dating partners/girlfriends. The program will establish linkages with agencies that provide services to battered women/females, schools, courts, and juvenile probation departments.

I.Classification of dating violence and abuse
a.Define dating - physical contact between individuals having any romantic or sexual encounter, whether these encounters are encouraged or forced. b.Define abuse - a pattern of physical control directed toward an individual. The abuse can involve verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual assault. c.Define victim - are dating companions or females subjected to verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse to include harassment by an adolescent male.

II.Target Population
a.Adolescent male between 12-18 years old.
b.Adolescent male with a restraining order against him.
c.Adolescent male that has committed an act of violence/abuse on a female dating victim.

III. Community Task Force
a.Establish a community task force dedicated to dating violence issues. b.Invite pertinent stakeholders to community task force meetings.

IV. Adolescent Case Management
a.Communication with juvenile probation department.
b.Provide reports to parents/guardians regarding adolescents’ attendance and

V. Parent outreach development
a.Form partnerships between intervention programs, parents, the adolescent and the community.
b.Conduct orientation education sessions for parents/guardians.

VI. Educational component
a.Adolescent identification, confrontation and change of abusive and controlling behaviors toward victims.
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