Individual Processing Recording

Topics: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Delusion Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Pedro Perez

Individual Process Recording

Date: Sep 11, 2010Diagnosis: Schizophrenia Chronic Paranoid
Client initials: A.G.
The conversation takes place in the Psychic geriatric living room in Larkin Hospital. The room is very spacious with several recliners, tables and chairs. Upon entering the room, you will find several recliner chairs up against the wall and several tables directly in front of you surrounded by chairs. There is a small is a TV to view for the patients entertainment While conducting my IPR there is twelve clients and three employees in the room. My client is at the corner of one of the tables by her self watching the TV. I walked over to my client and introduced myself, and asked permission to conduct my IPR.

Appearance and motor activity:
The client is a fifty six –year old Hispanic woman. She is sitting by herself in the corner of the table. She seems very anxious and nervous. She may be experiencing either visual or auditory hallucinations due to that fact the she is mumbling to herself. She is currently dressed sandals black sweat pants and white t-shirt. Her weight is 177 lbs and her height is 5’4’’. The clients overall appearance is low kept. She is not well groomed. The client has episodes where she abruptly stops mumbling and begins to stare at the TV. The client may be suffering from delusion of reference, because she states the TV commercial is trying to tell her something. The client acknowledges my presences in a friend manner and is very receptive to me, and she agrees to conduct the IPR.

| 1. Hello, Mrs. AG My name is Pedro Perez I am a nursing student from MDC. I will be here every SAT –SUB from 7:00 to 4:00 if you would like to talk about anything I am here to listen. | I explain to the client the process and purpose of the IPR| 2. The client acknowledges my presence and consents to participate in the IPR. | | Pt seem...
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