Individual Process Improvement Plan

Topics: Normal distribution, Standard deviation, Statistics Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Process Improvement Plan

Process Improvement Plan
The goal of any company or individual who wants to improve a process is to identify the steps in the process, record the occurrences of the necessary steps to document trends where improvements need to be made. In week one, the process of commuting to work was broken down in steps, metrics were selected to follow, and construction of a flowchart documenting the process was established. Implementation of recording the process was initiated in week two with completion by the end of week five. There were four metrics on record, and the results were used to establish control limits, confidence intervals, and any seasonal effects. Commuting to work involves preparation so that the morning goes smoothly and arrival at work is on time. Seeking to learn what causes things to happen that make someone late for work and use that knowledge to reduce those variables is what the information will show. The major goal is to reduce time, stress, and arrive safely at work. The four metrics on record include: clothes ready, items needed for work, gas in car, and to work on time. For each yes answer the number one was put on record, and for each no a number of zero was put on record. After collecting data for four weeks conduction of an analysis where the mean, standard deviation, lower control limit, and upper control limit was calculated. The mean is the centerline and the average on record of the participant’s activity. The upper limit represents three standard deviations above the mean and the lower limit is three standard deviations below the mean. The analysis showed that on every day except for the 19th day the participant successfully completed the tasks and arrived at work on time. On the 19th day an unforeseen problem, a water meter break in the home, caused the participant to be late for work. The incident on the 19th day made this process unstable as it was well below the lower control limit. If the...
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