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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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In this essay, I would analyse an article called ”Hold your horses, Psy is heading for HK”, which was from South China Morning Post (SCMP) on 23rd October, 2012. SCMP is a local broadsheet with relatively more hard news and in-depth reports. It has a formal style and register which can be noticed by its seven-column layout and its and the wording (which will be analysed later).

The Table of Statistics of Sections and News in SCMP
| Number| Percentage|
1. The total pages| 57| /|
2. Pages of local news| 43| 75.4%|
3. Pages of international news | 19| 33.3%|
4. Main news on front page| 3| /|
5. Pages of advertising| 13| 22.8%|
As shown above, It contains quite a high percentage of international news and ads (33.3% & 22.8% respectively) revealing its target audiences are usually more educated and professional or possibly foreigners and business people who have higher English proficiency and income. Furthermore, there are three main news on the front page. One is an international news while the rest are local news, which is different from the tabloid style—One news on the front page.

The following paragraph will be the overview of the article chosen and the analysis of the placement, language and rhetorical devices used.

Analysis—Summary of the Article & its Placement
The headline of the article is “Hold your horses, Psy is heading for HK”. Its aim is to report the popularity of the Korean singer, Psy (Abbr. of Psycho) who sings Gangnam Style and his plan of visiting Hong Kong. This is an ephemeral news since the song, Gangnam Style is currently very popular which ranks the top of the YouTube 100 for music with over 580 million hit rate. Indeed, it is an entertaining news and attention-seeking reportage which is unusually placed in the top left-hand corner of the front page of SCMP. The possible reasons for this are there were not sufficient big news for that day or the editor attempted to...
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