Individual Dynamics and Leadership

Topics: Personality psychology, Trait theory, Big Five personality traits Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: September 7, 2010
Individual Dynamics and Leadership
Personality Theories:
Critical Analysis of scores of the online personality assessment test: A broad summary of my scores in the online personality test is as shown below. FactorLow or HighScore
ExtraversionRelatively low24
AgreeablenessRelatively high33
ConscientiousnessRelatively high40
OpennessRelatively low15

Characteristics of extraversion or surgency include being an outgoing and social person, having high energy and seeking the company of others. As we can see my low score in the online test reflects that I lack all the above characteristics of extraversion in me and I fall into the category of introverts. Introverts are usually characterized by quietness, reserved nature, and lack of social exuberance and I feel I possess all these qualities. I am not a very social person when it comes to people whom I have just met. I need time to get acquainted with them and once I do that, I am much more comfortable interacting with them. With my group of close friends, I do find most characteristics of extraversion in me, but these characteristics do not emerge in other situations. Also I never have been the life of a party or any other social gathering, but I do make rare attempts to be involved and enhance the team dynamics. Also historically, in a social gathering, I have not been comfortable when the attention is on me, but this is something that I have been able to overcome to a certain degree, though there is a lot of scope for improvement.

The score which I have attained in Agreeableness is relatively high and it aptly depicts one of the traits of my personality. Agreeableness is characterized by qualities such as cooperativeness and compassion. A person with a high score in agreeableness is considered to be friendly and trusting. I enjoy helping others to the best of my ability. Also I try to consider everybody’s interests when I am in a group...
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