Individual Body Fat and Eating Disorders Paper

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Individual Body Fat and Eating Disorders Paper

In this summary I will address body fat and eating disorders. First, I will start off by defining and describing body composition and the risks associated with excess body fat. Secondly, I will discuss the factors that have the obesity epidemic over time, and lastly I will discuss eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder as well the physical and psychological disorders that come along with each of them.

Body composition is defined as the proportion of fat, muscle, and bone of an individual's body, usu. expressed as percentage of body fat and percentage of lean body mass. The body mass index is a number that relates height and weight to one another in order to determine one’s weight status (underweight, normal, overweight, overweight class I, overweight class II, and overweight class III.)

Obesity has become an epidemic all over the world, but mainly throughout The United States. I believe that some of the factors that have influence the spread of the obesity epidemic are fast food consumption, the lack of physical activity in adults and children, as well as the economic status of the families of the nation. The consumption of fast food is at an all-time high, because people are so tired from working long hours every day, so when they leave work or school fast food is obviously the most logical thing for them to grab to eat. Physical activity is something that is an all-time low for adults and children. Many adults do not engage in physical activity because majority of them do not have the time, and most children do not engage in enough or any physical activity at all either because they do not want to or because they are not encouraged to do so. The financial state of the state of families has a lot to do with the rise of obesity as well, because when families do not have enough money to purchase healthy food they tend to feast on cheap, fast food. I know thanks...
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