Individual Assignment: Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal Choose One or Two Ethical Considerations and One or Two Diversity Considerations on a Company You Will Research or Your Present Place of Employment.

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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A Business Proposal to Make Ethical and Diversity Considerations to Improve the Strategic HRM Planning Process.

Prepared for
Jane Doe
HR Director
ABC Restaurant & Pub

Prepared by
Personnel Director
ABC Restaurant & Pub

December 24, 2012

ABC’s Restaurant & Pub

Ethical and Diversity Considerations to Improve the Strategic HRM Planning Process.

I have gathered information over the last five weeks about department policies and best practices pertaining to ethical and diversity considerations. Based on these findings, the following proposal is presented to improve the strategic planning process. Diversity and ethics are buzzwords and are used frequently around the workplace. There are areas within both where making small changes could result in large benefits for the company’s HR strategic planning process. These considerations are important for the strategic plan because they encourage a positive company culture and decrease legal risks that could otherwise result in the demise of the company.

As a restaurant and bar located in the middle of a military-base town, our personnel records indicate management has been hiring primarily a specific demographic type (women ages 18-30). Management has hired this demographic type over other demographic types more qualified. Even in an effort to appeal to specific customers, this bias can come off as discriminative and reflect negatively on the company. Two areas in need of consideration are appearance-based discrimination and age-based discrimination. ABC Restaurant & Pub, unlike Hooters or certain other establishments, is not protected with a bona-fide occupational qualification defense (BFOQ). Even though our company has not been presented with a legal issue in this regard it does not mean we are not vulnerable. It is in the best interest of our strategic HRM planning process to implement a Diversity Awareness Training Program and redesign the hiring...
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