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Business Ethics and Values
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Dr. Nga Kow Hwee

Individual Assignment : Ethical Leader

The ethical leader that I have chosen to elaborate on ethical judgements that has influences their organizations is Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun. He was born in 1952 and is a successful Malaysian businessman and entrepreneur. He was born a humble boy in Batu Pahat, Johor and not always having things the way he wanted he went through a fair amount of struggle during his childhood. After his attempt to franchise the first McDonalds in Malaysia during the early 1980's made him the successful businessman he is today. In 1993, he introduced a particular and successful direct selling marketing company in Malaysia called Cosway, and in 2001 he brought in which acts as an online business portal to the international market and proving its success later on. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Group Corporation and also the Managing Director of Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd of Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd. Being the chairman of the Berjaya Group Corporation Berhad which is involved in a wide range of businesses including, properties, development, resorts, telecommunications, stock, manufacturing, trading, hospitality and many more. He has been an idol to many, holding a position close to a philantropist. He has even pledged half his wealth to charitable purposes after he has retired. A man that gives back what he already has is certainly an influential man. According to Berjaya corporation's mission and vission, Vincent Tan has provided direction in finacial resources and management support for each operating unit and also create a major market presence full of activities. By putting sufficent emphasis on dynamic and innovative management which will lead teamwork and commitment to another level. Vincent Tan is also on the board of the Perdana Global Peace Organization. There are many other organizations Vincent Tan is a member or trustee, representing a few of the most successful charity organizations. Since being a generous businessman, Vincent Tan has his reasons for doing his part in helping the less fortunate and under-privileged through monetary charity and other sorts of material support. For doing this, he has corresponded to the moral and social responsibility needed in a sense of self-preservation when blessed with such wealth it is necessary as quoted by him(Refer 1).

Having to experience life at a difficult situation went he was younger, he certainly has developed many ethical leadership characteristics. There are many ethical characteristics that can be considered for Vincent Tan, these characteristics that he possess has certainly made a big influence among many people, one of which is being able to act as a role model. Being a humble soul that he is, he has proven and secured his reputation by performing rightful deeds and acts for his community and sharing his wealth as well. This has definitely made a big impact on society to view him as a man who cares. Generally, an ethical leader should have the potential to be influencial in a positive manner. Working in various aspects in the work field, he made his way up to become a independent leader who directs his followers to be on the same path as he is. Vincent Tan guides his employees by giving them a goal to work for. For example, he helped introduced passion and pride into a charity club that was stale and despairing and also helped work the press, sidelines and supporters as well. Showing very well he has been through ups and downs but has not failed to prove himself through the respectful actions and judgements he has made. Moreover, Vincent Tan is a man which also possess the potential to care for others being one of the distinct ethical characteristics this leader has. Being the humble man he is, he has done his part in society to be more caring through making the right decisions for himself and...
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