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Topics: Bahrain, Manama, Saudi Arabia Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: January 8, 2013

1.What are Bahrain Bay’s four foundational philosophies ,and how might they be used as marketing tools?


Bahrain Bay has created four foundations philosophies: Focusing on Scale and Aesthetics, Social Equity, Community Fabric and Tomorrow’s Environment. This philosophy helps to ensure that Bahrain Bay becomes a holistic, sustainable place for generations to come. Continuous development becomes a realization and these foundations become a guide for Bahrain Bay to achieve the high standards and attention to detail that they have set for it. Bahrain Bay recognizes the importance of sharing and protecting the environment. They are committed in helping develop a commercially sound and ecologically viable approach to development. With respect towards nature, they seek to create intimacy among their site, the environment and its residents and visitors .By re-establishing the natural landscape, implementing ecologically sound buildings and design, requiring conscientious construction methods and establishing pride in the community, they aim to respect and nurture the development and the world around them .In ratifying this foundation principle, Bahrain Bay understands that best practice requires them to consider future generations and learn from our past.

2. What would you see as being Bahrain Bay’s mission?


The mission of Bahrain Bay’s is to ensure a self-governing and self  sustaining community and at the same time support an exceptional quality of life for residents, business and visitors. We could see that they want to connect both the residential life and at the same time to be connected and be productive in business by providing the right communication infrastructure which can be integrated as part of development process.

3. What is the MIPIM, and why was it important for Bahrain Bay to target is potential customers, investors, developers, and retailers?


MIPIM which is founded in 1963 by Reed...
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