Individual Analysis of Cango

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Organization Overview:
CanGo is a fictional Internet startup that retails a variety of products and services, ranging from books and videos to online gaming services. The CanGo team deals with practical issues of business in many ways relevant to the realities of today's business world. CanGo brings into focus a variety of issues important to businesses in general, and particularly those engaged in the challenging world of e-commerce. For example users: ·Experience the growing pains of a new e-Business as CanGo struggles to implement new technology and communicate with their customers in an online environment. ·Confront the implications of the changing attitudes toward work and resources in the e-commerce world. ·Encounter compelling examples of the CanGo team responding to change as it occurs, forming the internal and external alliances they need to ensure the firm's healthy growth. This individual analysis will offer CanGo insight into technology that will improve lead times, cost, and flexibility that will improve the ability of the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. As well this analysis will help CanGo establish the right messages to send to their consumers, and produce a functional team that has a common goal in mind and see the benefit of working together to achieve the company’s goals.

CanGo is a dynamic company with a large amount of potential; one of the company’s major strengths is the understanding and knowledge of Jack and Warren to invest in technology that will improve process flows. With an investment in new technology to improve process flows such as bar coders and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), CanGo will improve their strategic impact. A weakness that is identifiable within the company is the company’s current process layout. Poor delivery times and insufficient staff level in the warehouse facilities could affect CanGo’s business. Jack and Warren should work with Liz and senior staff at CanGo to...
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