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Inditex 2011
Julia Sánchez Serrano
32622 Internationale Managementstrategien|| Dr. Helmut Wohland

Hochschule der Medien || WS 12-13


1. Introduction
The aim of this paper is to show the period of life of Inditex during 2011. Inditex is one of the most prosperous enterprises in Spain, especially remarkable with the economical crisis that is going on. This year is very symbolic, because all the marketing strategies designed in 2010, are launched during 2011 and seems like they have reached all the goals. To begin with, Inditex is a Spanish multinational textile production and manufacturing corporation. It was in 1963, when Amancio Ortega Gaona founded a company dedicated to the manufacture of clothing that gradually grows until it has several manufacturing sites that distribute their products to different European countries. It was then, when the company changed its name to Inditex. Under this name we find all the brands Inditex owns: Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe. The reason I chose 2011, is because it’s a symbolic year. Firstly, by this year Inditex is present in the five continents. During this year stores (online stores also) have been opened in Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, Azerbaijan and Peru, being the proof that Inditex is all over the world. By this year, Inditex is present in 82 different markets; it has opened 438 new stores and the size of the Spanish facilities has grown and incorporated new technologies. Secondly, Inditex has developed a new global strategy, online stores, even though their main strategy is the personal attention to the customers. They also started a new strategic plan: Sustainable Inditex 2011-2015. The data shows that thanks to this program they have consumed 20% less of energy and decreased the CO2 production in a 30%. And thirdly, because the philosophy they follow is 100% legal. They have zero tolerance with the ones that do not respect Conduct Codes.

2. 2011 Summary
Taking a look step by step at the year 2011 we can see that the sales have increased a 10% in comparison with 2010, that the EBITDA has also increased a 10% in comparison with 2010 and that in general the profitability has increased a 12%. Such good results have a lot to do with the global strategies and the global opportunities they follow. During this year Inditex opened stores in the best shopping areas of those countries which had great commerce potential, which are: Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Australia, South Africa and Peru. The most challenging part of this expansion was the development of new strategies for the south hemisphere. Some of the most emblematic emplacements are: Zara in Pitt Street (Sidney), Burke [2]

Street (Melbourne), Massimo Dutti (Moscow: Tverskaya avenue) or Zara in New York’s 5th avenue. Inditex is currently, and since 2011, following a multichannel strategy. They have recently opened online stores of all the associate brands and Zara online stores in Japan and the US. A future online store destination is China. Thanks to this by the end of 2011 they had online presence in 18 countries including Japan and the US. Looking at the Social Responsibility, during 2011 Inditex has continued strengthening and monitoring the activities of the Code of Conduct for External Manufacturers and Workshops. Because of these actions, Inditex collaborates with United Nations Global Compact Supply Chain Sustainability Advisory Group and with CEO Water Mandate, this last one supported by United Nations. These collaborations have allowed this enterprise group to be more serious and dedicated to social and environmental problems. Inditex has applied and shared their advances about more sustainable practices. Inditex has strengthened its control system with specific and comprehensive audits to follow the track of constantly improving factories and developed awareness activities with numerous manufacturers. Also noteworthy is the...
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