Indispensable Part of Human Life

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Introduction Communicating with others is always considered as an indispensable part in human’s life. In the past people usually communicated through drawings, symbols, writing, radio, television and so on. Since the changes in technologies people can convey their messages from one side to another side by e-mail, telephone, text message and social media (Appendix A) such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Apparently, communication involves two parties which are sender and receiver where both of them could either be an individual or a group, it allows people to express themselves such as ideas, opinions and advertising through verbal or non-verbal either one-way or two-way. One-way communication which means a sender directly transfers information to a receiver without direct reply or feedback and assumed that the information is clear enough and receivers will fully understand the message; however sometimes it may not be the situation. Whereas, two-way communication allows people to respond thereby people are interacting through conversation or written so if receiver does not understand about the message they are allowed to ask.  Although both communication methods have their own benefits but there are still some issues occurred.



Comparison individual to individual between one-way communication and two-way communication Communication techniques have improved impressively in these twenty years. In earlier period, people used to use telegram, telephone answering machine and letter to send a message to another party and no direct responds were entailed which is known as one-way communication. It is a clear, direct and simple method to communicate with others and it can also be divided into two parts ----- “one to one” and “one to many”. However, “one to one” one-way communication becomes unpopular in present days due to the changes in technologies. Technological development has had a significant impact on communication and has facilitated an instant approach for two-way communication, such as text message, e-mail and mobile phone which permits people to interact directly. Thus, the advanced development of technology has actually made it more convenient when communicating in both one-way and two-way. Contrast individual to individual between one-way communication and two-way communication There are huge differences between one-way communication and two-way communication. “One to one” one-way communication defines as information is only sent to one direction and which focus on transmission of the message; which sometimes relates to authoritarian leadership. For instance, a written memorandum gives directive instruction to a subordinate; the subordinate has to do as memorandum written and no questions should be asked which allow sender to have more freedom. However, it may cause misunderstanding because of the lack of details and accuracy regarding to



the instructions. Conversely, two-way communication is more time-consuming. The reason is that receivers have a chance to question about what they have been told and written; receivers are asked to engage into the process so this type of communication can be more effective, efficient and accurate if the information is complicated. Contrast individual to groups between one-way communication and two-way communication Television commercial and radio represent typically “one to many” one-way communication which is quick and clear; however it does not have opportunities and clarification to correct misunderstanding by receivers leading a negative effect on the advertisement. For example, receivers are not sure about the commercial but they have no ways to ask; as a result they may not tend to purchase the products both senders and receivers lose at this situation. However, there are also advantages of one-way advertisement that is minimising the undesirable comments because receivers do not have channels to enquire information from the sender;...
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