Indigo Airlines & the Market Needs

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IndiGo Airlines & The Market Needs


Hospitality is a very large and diverse sector. Let’s try to define Hospitality:

“Hospitality refers to the relationship process between a guest and a host, and it also refers to the act or practice of being hospitable, that is, the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, with liberality and goodwill, politeness and humbleness”. “It is also known as the act of generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need”.

The Hospitality Industry consists of companies within the food services, accommodations, travel and tourism, recreation, and entertainment sectors. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income and commonly consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, and human resources. Usage rate is an important variable to survival in this industry. Here, we will talk about the Airline Industry in India, IndiGo Airlines to be in particular.

In this topic, we will discuss about a Hospitality Organisation in particular and analyse its present target market needs and how well it responds to it.

1. Assessing the current position of the IndiGo Airlines in the Indian Aviation field. 2. Analysing its target markets where it can succeed and prosper. 3. Analysing its responses to its market needs and how well it does it.


IndiGo airline is a leading Domestic Indian airline which always offers cheap affordable, on time and hassle free operation, and all this at a very low cost with constant great deals and discounted airfares. It operates to all the major cities of India and all its services are totally user friendly and extremely comprehensive. Indigo Airline provides what no other airline can. It is built for those people who don't want to waste time, money or energy but have things to do, place to be, people to see.

(, 2009)

IndiGo Airlines and the Indian Aviation Scenario

In the Indian Airline Industry, from the consumers perspective; choice of airlines have increased, fares have reduced significantly, and increased routes is another big major advantages. India’s domestic airline market growing at almost 50%.

The concept of Low Cost Carriers (LCC), which was originally incepted in the United States, is presently a big phenomenon in the Indian Airline Industry. India set to become world’s prominent low-cost carriers (LCC) market. Low-cost carriers now command 38.5% of India’s domestic air travel. It was the Air Deccan who introduced the Budget flight in the Indian skies and now, with the air-fare almost reduced to that of the train’s, the inception of this ‘no-frills’, low cost airlines unleashes a fierce cut-throat competition which the Indian Aviation Industry have never seen before. IndiGo Airlines is the latest entry into the Indian skies which is presently ablaze with more than six low cost carriers all vying to get the top position. IndiGo Airlines started their operation in 2006 and in this short time it has made its presence quite pronounced in the market. It is presently a leading Airline in the domestic field with a very high Usage rate. It operates in all the major cities of India and is constantly finding and innovating new ways and techniques to keep its customers loyal and to maintain its position in this rat race. It was even awarded the title of ‘Best Domestic Low Cost Carrier’ in India for 2008! It was also awarded the Safety Excellence Award in recognition of airlines outstanding contribution in airside safety for the GMR Hyderabad International airport limited. IndiGo’s success has ended Air Deccan’s five-year reign as the largest low-cost carrier in the industry....
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