Indigenous People of the Americas and European Colonization of the Americas

Topics: United States, Americas, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The North American continent, in this case, the United States emerged with a cultural background of both Native American traditional tribal culture, and a more modernized European culture, that of the Spanish, English, and French. This culture merger was a result of a prolonged interaction between the Native American peoples and the colonial powers, and had this interaction not have taken place, the country, and the world would have changed as we know it. During the colonial powers' first interaction with the Native American people, largely in part to the scarcity of such diseases in the Americas, the Native Americans did not have the necessary immune system to combat common European diseases, thus droves of human life were taken, and entire cultures soon became extinct. When the colonists initially began settling, there was some tension between the Native American people and the European colonists, as the Europeans would often seize the most fertile and favorable land from the tribes. Due to this, the Native Americans often made an attempt at stiffly resisting these hostile takeovers with violence, and despite often having a population advantage, the Europeans were vastly more modernized in warfare than the tribes. However, the European militaries weren't very familiar with Native American "guerrilla warfare" at the time. Perhaps one of the most advantageous (yet benign) aspects of European life that the Native Americans quickly adopted into their own culture is the horse. The horse was a particularly useful animal for transport and mobility, and was an essential part of the everyday life of the Spaniards. Not long after the colonists arrived, the Native Americans soon adopted the use of firearms as well, as firearms gave one tribe a distinct advantage over the other and this led to an increase in tribal feuds. As such, there soon was feuds between tribes over the prime hunting grounds, as they would trade the fine animal furs with the arms dealers, in order to...
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