Indigenous People in Colombia

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Indigenous People in Colombia
Do you ever wonder where we come from, and how were those cultures? Well in this paper we will explain the main ethnic groups and which were the most advanced. Also we are going to explain how the suffered a lot of aggression and were forced to abandon their lands. The three main ethnic groups were the Quimbayas, the Chibchas and the Caribis. The most advances cultures were the Muiscas and the Taironas that belonged to the Chibchas group.

The Quimbayas ancient inhabitants of the region, disappeared by the tenth century and we know few things about them. Goldsmith's technology and the perfection of its objects we can infer that this culture had cultural development, corresponding to a chieftainship. Since time not yet determined exactly, to about the tenth century, Quimbaya culture inhabited the broad valley of the Cauca River region now occupied by the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda. They were really good at agriculture and mining.

The Chibchas mainly lived in the departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, in Colombia nowadays. Scientists say that they immigrated to cundiboyacense plateau between 5500 and 1000 BC. The Taironas were an ethnic group who achieved special technological levels and one of the few groups that has survived. Muiscas were really good at agriculture, hunting and fishing, commerce, textile, and mining.

Caribis, the Name that was given to them by the Spanish people, it means cannibal. They dressed much like the Arawaks. They dyed their bodies with a red dye called roucou. The Spaniards, believing that was their natural color, started the legend of a red-skinned race.

The oldest internal armed conflict made that thousands of indigenous people in Colombia fled their lands to escape the brutal treatment of warring armed groups. The struggle to survive and preserve ancient traditions in cities and towns far away from their homes is an often unnoticed casualty of the situation of this second...
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